Brand new Virtual Reality Ride brings spooks and scream to Derbion this half term 

We’re excited to announce that Derbion will be showcasing a fully immersive 4D VR ride experience from Thursday 20th – Monday 31st October. This ride will see you screaming in your seats and unable to hide from the sights that you can see and hear around you. 

Put on the HD VR Headsets to enter into another reality, be prepared to be tilted forwards, backwards and side to side, as the ride movements mirror those of the full 360 degree experience you can see. Creating a truly terrifying experience for every rider. Only the brave will be able to make it through  

The activity will run from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Saturday and 10.30 am to 4 pm on Sunday, Passes to access the ride can be purchased for £4 via the link below.  

*Please note due to content this ride is only recommended to anyone above the age of 12

What to expect 

This virtual reality experience will transport you into a scary and immersive Halloween world. Come into our haunted barn and you’ll be seamlessly transported into a haunted house from your nightmares with scares and spooks round every corner.   

The Haunted House is a full 4D experience: the HD VR headsets give a full 360-degree picture, the ride has full range of motions in addition to fans and complete surround sound.    

Are you brave enough to give it a try? 

  • Once you have purchased your pass to ride either online or via the ticket desk please join the queue to board the cart 
  • Make sure any personal belongings, bags, or loose items that these are stored safely away from the ride before boarding. 
  • You will be given your pre ride talk and headsets by the ride operator 
  • The ride journey will last approximately 5 minutes  
  • Once the ride is complete, please remain seated until the ride operator has collected all the headsets 
  • Collect your belongings and exit the event space 

It is important to note that this content is scary, some would say terrifying and therefore is not recommended for anyone under the age of 12.  

If you are prone to any of the following: motion sickness, vertigo, epilepsy or have a history of seizures we suggest that you may want to join the ride without the headset, we also advise you sit at the front of the ride.  

There is no food or drinks allowed on the ride. 

Please do not approach while the ride once is in motion