Following another successful year in 2023, we are pleased to announce that it is looking for a new charity for its ‘Derbion Cares’ initiative, which offers a regional charity the chance to receive 12 months of support through fundraising and awareness activities.

Last year, we supported award-winning local charity, Children First Derby, who were selected as the centre’s charity of the year. Over the past 12 months, Children First Derby received more than £6,000 from the centre’s fundraising efforts and support, across 18 events and initiatives.

Derbion worked closely with Children First Derby throughout the year and supported the charity by offering free space in-centre that allowed them to engage with the local community and increase awareness. Derbion staff also took part in a variety of fundraising events including the Ramathon and a 125-mile run, row, cycle and walk challenge, which contributed to generating the generous sum for the charity.

If you are an East Midlands-based charity that would welcome support and ongoing fundraising efforts from Derbion this year then please follow the link below to fill in the sign up form.

Entries are now closed to be our Derbion Cares partner 2024.