Dinosaurs Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for please email customerservices@derbion.com 

  • What is it?
    We have 14 animatronic dinosaurs coming into the centre. These dinosaurs wil be in fixed locations around the centre but move and make noises. This is a free trail around the centre.
    In addition to this, customers can enhance their experience by attending the palaeontologist workshop where kids can dig for fossils and put together a dinosaur skeleton. This workshop is ticketed and needs booking via our website.
    In addition to the above there is also a photo opportunity where customers can have a photo inside a dinosaur egg alongside a baby dinosaur.
  • Where are the dinosaurs located?
    The dinosaurs themselves are located around both level 1 and level 2 of the centre. A full list of locations and dinosaurs will be on the webpage (live on 1st March)
    The Workshops are on level 1 outside Boots.
  • How do I buy tickets for the workshops?
    Tickets can be purchased in advance throughout website. We recommend you book in advance as tickets are limited per day and are likely to get booked quickly. Tickets cannot be refunded or transferred to another date. Please note that you cannot purchase or make changes to your tickets via our Customer Service Desk or Reception. This is a cashless ticket system and must all be booked on the website.
  • Can I book tickets at the customer service desk?
    Tickets booked on the day will need to be booked through your own device paid with via card. There will be very limited tickets that can be booked this way, and this might mean that you don’t get to attend the event at your preferred time. We recommend that you book in advance to avoid disappointment. This is a cashless ticket system and must all be booked on the website.
  • Will I receive a ticket once I have booked?
    Once you have placed your booking, you will receive an e-mail which will include your booking reference confirmation of payment and your E-ticket.
  • Do I need to print my tickets, or can I just bring them on my phone or mobile device?
    You can bring your ticket confirmation with you either printed out or on your mobile device.
  • Do adults need a ticket?
    This event is recommended for children between 5-12 and therefore adults will not need a ticket.
  • When should I arrive for my Workshop?
    We recommend arriving just before your booked time to allow time for checking in and to ensure your visit runs to time. Please do not arrive before this time in order to help us minimise queues to enter the experience.
  • Can we take photographs?
    You can take personal photos both in the workshops and on the trail.
  • What age is the workshops for?  
    This experience is recommended for children between 5-12 years of age but we would believe you should decide if the event would suitable for your child.
  • Will my child get messy?
    The palaeontologist workshop can get a little dusty, so we ask customers to bear this in mind when dressing for the workshops.
  • I am bringing a buggy, is there somewhere to leave it out of the way?
    We have a designated buggy park right next to the event, please make sure you tuck them out the way and remember any valuable are left at your own risk.
  • Can I drop my child off for the event while I go shopping?
    No. All children must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the event, and they will be fully responsible for the child in their care.
  • I’ve left something, where will it be?
    All items that are left behind will be kept safe by our event site manger until the end of the day, after this it will be taken to Customer Service team to be looked after until you come back.
  • Is there wheelchair access?
    There is space for a wheelchair in the event area.
  • Are the workshops suitable for children with disabilities and will the staff act accordingly if necessary?
    The workshops are suitable for children with a range of disabilities. We do recommend that you mention details of your child’s disability to the staff before purchasing your ticket so that you can decide whether the experience would be both suitable and enjoyable for your child.

    The dinosaur trail is suitable for people with disabilities; however, we would like customers to be aware that they do make sudden movements and noises