Lakeland- Retail Colleague

Working Hours:

30 hours per week


We are looking for a Retail Colleague (that’s our name for a Retail Assistant at Lakeland) and as a Retail Colleague you won’t just be helping customers visiting our store – you’ll be bringing a bit of theatre to the retail experience with your special brand of enthusiasm. You’ll be someone who not only loves our products but who lives them in their daily life: who might use our utensils to prepare breakfast before going to work, sell them all day, and then use them again at home in the evening. Armed with this kind of lived-in knowledge, our Retail Colleagues bring our products to life for our customers so they can see their unique benefits for themselves. As you may have gathered, this isn’t a role for those who want to mind their own business and blend into the background – we want people for whom all the store’s a stage and who will put our products in the lead role. If that’s you, this is your big break.
(This vacancy has a capping number and could close before the closing date specified)


0-2 years

How to apply:

Apply online:

Closing date:

May 6, 2022

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